Monday, September 17, 2012

A Fresh Start

Hair cut and color done by SPALON, Hudson, NY (thanks Jessica!!)

The last two weeks I found myself in a sort of rut.  My house had become an absolute disgrace- dusty, disorganized and really rather boring to look at.  Worst of all, my workspace really had no welcoming glow or method to the madness.  Even my own desire to spruce up had waned... I knew I had to do something!   I have been reading a lot of really amazing life-style/ design blogs lately and they all hit upon the importance of re-grouping for Fall.  They were so inspiring.  Finally yesterday it hit me!  I am going to entirely revamp my apartment- I am going to turn the living room in to my bedroom, the dinning room into the hangout room and lastly what is currently my bedroom will become my studio!

To begin the process of Fall-Upgrade, I got my hair revamped yesterday too!  I LOVE darker shades and have always been jealous of my mother and sister who have been naturally blessed with rich chocolate locks.  There is a salon here in town called "SPALON" that I have wanted to go to for months but just hadn't had the time... well, I called on Saturday and said "is there anyway someone would do my hair in the morning (being Sunday), I know you are closed, but I am in a major rut and in desperate need of getting my hair done ANNNNNND, I am meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time... please oh please oh please!"  Well, what do you know, they took pity on me!  So Here I am with a great new do and a plan!  This is going to be great!  

I will keep you all updated on the Apartment overhaul.  I started by scrubbing the wood floors this morning... still not done with that!  They are gross!

xo Jeni Leigh

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