Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FIT to be OUT- So Long Farewell, Adieu!

Hat- Borrowed from a Friend
Dress- made by me, du ciel designs
boots- Ariat Paddock boots

Yesterday marked the official end of "summer vacation", for most.  I however, will finally get my vacation.  After work today, I have 9 days off.  GASP!  Have I ever had 9 days off in a row- when not caused by serious injury?!  In addition, I was just given Sunday's off too!  I have always longed to have Sunday's off.  All I want is to be leisurely- drink tea, read the Sunday Times and perhaps watch some netflix.  Oh what glorious times are ahead.  As for these 9 days off- I have decided that 6 days will be work days and 3 days will be Love days.  Although I will fully appreciate the company of my man on all 9 days, I would like to act as though I am "at the office" for 8 hours a day.  As for yesterday, the "last day of summer vacation", I did my rounds of seeing the ones I loved.  For breakfast  I spent time with my Father, his GF- Billie, my big brother Tyler, and his FiancĂ©e Erin- I had chocolate pancakes and icecream- oh boy... afterwards I spent a bit of time with my mother, who graciously took these photos.  This is one of the dress styles that will be for sale as of next week- once I accomplish the list below... and then I ended the evening with E and a group of his friends.  They prepared an amazing BBQ at the farm.  All in all, it was a great day and a fabulous way to say-  So Long, Farewell, adieu! to Summer.

 Here are the "handful" of things for du ciel designs that I hope to accomplish during this time off.  

1- Get Cloth labels
2- Print business cards
3- Create a FB fan page for D.C.D
4- Buy a .com
5- Photograph images of dresses for Etsy
6- Put together a webpage specificially for D.C.D
7. Paint my studio space
8. Reorganize my studio space
9. Put lightening in the studio space- right now it sort of feels like a bat cave- not inviting!  
10. Put a FB like button on the blog- I have a like page, and can't figure it out... silly me.
11. Go fabric shopping and make a "book" of all available fabrics
12.  MAKE THOSE DRESSES!  At least 6

What things do you do to get inspired and organized?  
I need ideas!

Be creative this week and share what you made!!
xo Jeni Leigh

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