Sunday, September 9, 2012

One is the Loneliest Number

When Everett bought his farm in March he inherited Osmond- an 11 year old llama. For months now Osmond has been quietly grazing and passing his time alone, with no friends or job.  Recently Everett realized just how lonely he must be. So with a little research he found him a friend.  With that, we spent an afternoon driving to MA to pick up Osmond's new buddy, a little male alpaca named "snowball"/ "thor"/ "arturo"/ "apache"/ "el blanco"-  (as you can see we have yet to settle on his name).  Did you know you actually transport alpacas and llamas by simply putting them in the back of a van?!  We took the back seats out of E's farm van, layed down a tarp and some hay and had an amazing 2.5 hour car ride with a crying alpaca just inches from our faces-  the situation reminded us of the scene in Tommy Boy with the Buck in the back seat... we laughed continuously at the humor and possible danger of a large hoofed animal sharing an inclosed-moving metal box with us, on the highway.  Well, all parties involved made it back to the farm safely and now Osmond has a new friend!  It felt so nice to know he no longer has to be lonely... and just think of the amazing wool I will have next year!!

Help us decide on a name!  Vote below!
xo Jeni Leigh, E, Osmond and "snowball"/ "thor"/ "arturo"/ "apache"/ "el blanco"