Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take Risks and Go for It!

Me and Lis two Septembers ago- my friends encourage me to take positive risks.  

The last few months I have said that all I wanted to do was make dresses full time, but first I have to do this, and this and this... you know... never fully believing that it would be possible.

Well friends, it's official- I am now solely self-employed!  Yesterday after a terrible day at work, I was "let go"!  I had texted E and my mother earlier in the day (and many consecutive days before that) and said that all I wanted was to quit and be a full-time dress-maker... well, at the end of the day two fantastic things happened- 1- I didn't have to quit, I was sent on my way!  and 2- I sold 4 dresses!  Can you believe that?  The luck continued... this morning a woman came to my studio for her final fitting and was so happy that she will be getting another dress next week!  I can't believe how fantastic this is.  I will now spend every day, doing what I love, on my terms!  There is a lot of work to be done, and I fully acknowledge that it won't always be easy or  100% enjoyable, but no more pouring coffee or drink-stained blouses for me!   Last night, after arriving home and alerting E, my talented friend B and my mother about it all, they were so supportive and inspiring, telling me how much they believe in me and my dream!  Not a single person has told me to rethink this or said a single doubtful phrase- they all just said, TAKE THE RISK, GO FOR IT!  I feel like I can do anything with love and support like that!  

Sometimes all you need is to take the risk and go for it- the outcome will be marvelous! 

Tell me, what would you like to be doing?!
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. It's a rare thing to be able to live your dream. Congrats - hope it makes you happy.

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