Thursday, October 18, 2012

Field of Dreams

 tshirt- self altered American Apparel 
jeans- vintage wranglers 
belt- Forever 21
shoes- sonoma
Location- Everett's Farm 

Today was the absolute perfect example of how lovely Fall can be.  The sun was warm, the colors were vibrant and the breeze lent a slight crispness to the air- it was such a romantic combination.  I promised E that I would help him harvest the last bit of squash and pumpkins today after having helped me move all my crazy belongings this past week.  Before we got started in the veggie field we spent a bit of time relaxing and enjoying the sun together.  I don't know what these plants are called, but the seeds are white and fluffy and when the breeze would catch and carry them it was like little wishes taking flight.  We spent a considerable amount of time watching them.  Today couldn't have been more fun.  I love when E and I get to participate in each others lives in this way.  I always feel closer to him afterwards and am so thankful to have met him.  He really is my best buddy!

Enjoying the simple things with the one I love makes me so happy.
So glad to have you.
xo Jeni Leigh


  1. I don't know if this is what it's called, but we've always called it milkweed. we'd pull out the fuzz and throw it into the wind! i miss being on a farm so i'm loving the pictures! (miss you too!)
    --Laura (the one from france/study abroad)

    1. Laura my love! I was just thinking of you the other day and wishing we could meet in Syracuse again for a round of giggles! xoxo

    2. Definitely! I am so happy/excited for you! I know it must be a slightly scary leap but you're going to be great. I sort of started a similar project and would like to get back into it (bags/totes).

      Next time you head to MA, let me know and we'll find a lovely spot for some mint tea and laughs.

  2. Lovely photos and beautiful words! I loved it!!