Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday is Delicious- Super Breakfast

 Sautéed Russian Kale with black beans  and  2 fried eggs- no butter 

To those that know me personally, it is no secret how much I love sugary sweets and that I typically have a "bit" of chocolate at every meal... I just can't get enough of it.  I've noticed lately though that I don't feel as good or look as glowing as I could... I am even covered in bruises, not too big of a surprise considering that I just moved... but E, being the brilliant veggie farmer that he is said that bruising to this extent is an indication that I am not getting enough iron in my diet- something that is found in abundance in leafy greens.  So yesterday, while harvesting pumpkins, he armed me with a major bag of veggies- including Russian Kale and advised me that I start chowing down.  So for breakfast today I decided to put together a super meal- plenty of iron and protein.  I never knew how good Kale could be!  I ate it all, every bit that he gave me and wanted more still!

Breakfast today was a nice reminder that delicious treats don't have to be bad for me or filled with processed sugar or topped with frosting.  Thanks E! 

These three simple things can be found at your farmers market this weekend and whipped up in minutes!  Chow down!
xo Jeni Leigh   

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  1. Oh yay for Everett!!!! Good Girl, Jeni! That looks amazing.