Monday, October 8, 2012

Nothing Says Fall like Apples

The last two weeks have been tough.  I have been adjusting to being my own boss, figuring out finances and the best way to go about things.  As my 'luck' would have it, I got sick.  I was pretty useless for the last week- still having bills to pay and deadlines to meet.  Isn't that the trade off for being self-employed?  It has also been raining non-stop here in Hudson.  Which is actually my favorite weather, I find it to be so inspiring, but is incredibly rough on the farmer boyfriend.  Yesterday the rain finally broke and E and I decided to have an outdoor day together.  We both realized it is actually Fall.  Out of nowhere, the leaves changed- it really seems as if it was over night!   To "celebrate" the change I met him at the farm in the morning, hopped on the back of his ATV and rode around the fields, checking on his veggies, picking sunflowers and splashing through mud galore.  Afterwards I made banana-oatmeal pancakes  (they were so delicious) while we researched local apple orchards that had "pick your own" options.  It was so nice to be able to spend a few stress free hours together, outside.  We marveled in how much food an apple orchard provides, how much one farmer can provide.  (E's farm amazes me every day.  I love when he makes dinner and I get to count how many aspects of our meal he has grown.  I feel so proud and environmentally aware.)  Oh yea, I also fell out of a tree and neither of us could stop laughing.  I leaned down to get a kiss and just toppled right out.  Luckily I hadn't gone too high.

Later this week I will post the recipes for the banana-oatmeal pancakes and the pumpkin pie that E and I made- using a pumpkin from his farm!  

Hope you are all enjoying local produce and yummy and healthy treats!  
happy fall! 
xo Jeni Leigh

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  1. You're adorable Jeni! So happy for you and your business, btw!!!