Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Turkey Trot 3

A genuine smile- This I am thankful for. 

I sometimes forget how quickly life moves.  It isn't until landmark days like tomorrow (Thanksgiving) come around that I am forced to stop and recognize just how much has happened and that yet another year has gone by.  Tomorrow I will run my second Turkey Trot and keeping with last years tradition I will dedicate each mile to something that I am thankful for.  This year I will head to my home town of Chatham, NY to run.  Following is the list of things I will be smiling about during this run.

Mile 1- My mother- her genuine love for me, my siblings and the ones that we love.  I am so lucky to be able to turn to her in all situations- she gives immeasurably amazing advice.  She continuously gives me unyielding support and will do everything in her power to see me succeed.  She has provided me with so much opportunity to go and do and be whatever I wish.  Perhaps the best of what she has done is give me my 4 best friends (Rachel, Tyler, Cory and Brendon- my siblings).  She gives the best hugs and mommy love to support us through any setbacks and reassures us that it will all get better.  Her love is so strong and unselfish.  She has taught me to be generous, kind, forgiving and an independent woman.  I will run mile 1 for my mother.

Mile 2- Because my siblings are the greatest gift of all I will run mile 2 for them.  I can not count how many different ways my siblings have been there for me and each other- we are as tight knit as any family could ever hope to be.  Whatever my parents did to make us that way, I thank and praise them.  My sister was like a second mother to us when we were young, she cared for us, protected us and lost her mind because of us- she is my biggest cheerleader and so selfless in giving of her time and love to the family.  She was an amazing caregiver and is now an amazing mother to my precious niece Addy.  My brothers, though at times have made me insane have done so much for me- they have lent me money, driven me around, given me a place to live, made me laugh and best of all threatened to beat up guys that have hurt my feelings... I am lucky that I have these 4 to share life with, bounce ideas off of and to always count on.  Don, my brother-in-law and Erin, my soon to be sister-in-law might not be my siblings, but they make my siblings so happy and have been so giving and loving and supportive to me.   I am lucky to be able to call them family.  I will run Mile 2 for them.

Mile 3- I have finally learned what it is to be in a healthy, loving and supportive relationship.  I do not have to change, deny or hide who I am in any way.  I finally know what it feels like to be a complete person, rather than a fragmented one.  I can be cranky and forgiven, act silly and laughed with and best of all, I can be myself and adored.  I will run Mile 3 for the love Everett has given me.

Here are a few other things that I am thankful for... my dad, who I know I am so much like.  He is kind and silly and so gentle, he made my childhood so memorable.  He was continuously involved in school activities, allowing me to have slumber parties of massive proportions and making traditions with me and my siblings... "up the hill", Dairy Queen, playing football on the weekends, renting the most insanely terrible G-rated movies for us to watch, putting ice cream in mugs, watching thunderstorms from our front porch and best of all, allowing me to open up to him about anything and EVERYTHING.  He was and is a great dad.

Lastly, I am thankful for this opportunity I have to create my dream life.  Thank you to my best friends for being apart of it.  

 For a few extra smiles, check out my friend Abby's post today at 20somethingalbany, it was so inspiring and heartwarming.    

What are you thankful for?
xo Jeni 


  1. Being thankful is so simple but it is not something we express enough. Alot of the time we are always wanting more and asking and hoping for more, and more. But at the end of the day I realize how much I already have and it is overwhelming to think. I often hear people complaining and I do my fair share as well but lately I have been thinking before speaking. It was at work the other day and a coworker of mine was complaining that we have to move the tables so that some other staff can clean the floor eachday. I had to tell him he was wrong and that they were just doing their job and that we were lucky to even have clean floors. These are the small things in everyday life that we overlook each and everyday. So of course I am thankful for my family and friends, my health, and how blessed I am to have met some incredible people in my life. So, there is alot to be said when youre sitting around the turkey with your family on thanksgiving, but everyday you should make it known how you are thankful for the small things. Tell the bus driver thank you, wave at people for letting you into their lane, or the guy at the grocery store bagging your groceries. Your gratitude will be infectious and so you will understand that when all is said and done the things to be thankful for in life, truly are not things.

  2. That's a great story, this is a really nice post !!

    I also love that picture :)

    Have a warm weekend !



  3. lovely picture
    her smile is awesome

  4. It is so good to find that inner peace and be thankful for what you have instead of always wanting more. I am glad to see you are happy, and have so many great people in your life to support you and care for you. This is all you need.