Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Food Game

I have always struggled with inconsistency with food.  I go through periods where I will meal prep like a wiz and not eat any processed foods and then something will happen- either a stressful day, my period, or one uneaten meal and then that's it... all my good habits are gone and I'm only interested in brownies and chocolate bars.  I have seen some great changes in myself though since my birthday and particularly since starting school a month ago... I now crave cooking- the physical and emotional act of preparing my food.  I now look at cooking as an easy and yet profound way of showing care for myself and for my partner.  Over the last week I have found myself sitting down to read cookbooks or watch videos on dicing veggies as apposed to decompressing by mindlessly binge watching Netflix.  Here's a quick glimpse of the food I have prepare over the last week.  (if you want the specifics of a recipe let me know)

It's important that I mention the signifigance of the quality of ingredients- I hope this does not sound "preachy".  Everett and I are very fortunate to be surrounded by several sustainable and organic farms.  Whenever possible buy organic ingredients with as few "food miles" as possible- i.e. grown 1 mile from your home and not grown on the other side of the planet.  Also, if possible seek out raw dairy products- the natural enzymes that are good for our body remain intact and are not pasteurized out and you will not ingest any harmful hormones!

Chocolate Zucchini bread
*Gluten Free, *No processed sugar

*Oatmeal, chia, flax pancakes
**Made with maple syrup from our own trees**
*Gluten Free, *No processed sugar

*Egg, local cheese, Avocado, Kale

*Avocado yogurt dip (made with raw yogurt), veggies and Multi seed crackers

*Apple, Almond butter, Dark Chocolate chips, Seed and Nut bar

*Roast beef, kale, carrots, potatoes

If you are someone that loves to cook, what is your favorite meal to prepare?  If you are someone like I used to be, intimidated or afraid to ruin a meal, what do you wish you could cook?


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